Fundraising Made Easy.  Period.

Soybrite Elevation Jar Candle Grouping

  • Easy.

    Easy Fundraisers

    Soy Candle Fundraising is easy! With SoyBrite Candle Company's easy to follow program, your group is sure to succeed. We provide some unique tools, that have proven time and again, to improve your sales and, ultimately, your success.

  • Fun.

    Fun Fundraisers

    Everyone loves candles, well almost. When your group approaches their family and friends, these candles will virtually sell themselves. Putting a challenge to your sellers and charting their progress to their clearly defined goal, you'll be amazed how quickly the orders add up. The fragrance selection for the spring/summer season are sure to be the talk of each sale.

  • Rewarding.

    Rewarding Fundraisers

    Placing the order at the end of your campaign, you have achieved the goal. You have your revenue to complete your project at the time you place your order. Not only does the group benefit but with sponsored prizes, your participants will expend even more effort to reach their reward. The group's success is our collective success.

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